Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Posgate Newsletter

Hi there, if you are not on my modest email list you may not have received this:

Hi Folks,
It’s been a long time since we rock ‘n rolled huh? Hopefully things are rockin’ on your end. I have a few fun things coming up so I thought I would send out my very irregular newsletter.
THIS SUNDAY, May 24 is a fun and exciting improvised music workshop that I am teaching at. Before you skip to the next item; you DO NOT NEED TO BE A MUSICIAN or have any experience with improvised music.  This will be a fun place to experiment, make sound, discuss, jam, learn and even give a short performance at the end. (contact me with any questions)
Featuring: Paul Dutton · Pete Johnston · Karen Ng · Tim Posgate
Sunday May 24 2015 · workshops 12pm · performance 7pm
The Tranzac Main Hall · 292 Brunswick
tranzac.org · https://www.facebook.com/events/676309712515704/
contact: rebeccacampbell@sympatico.ca
Workshop: $24 (Proceeds go to Workshop Leader Musicians)

It is always fun to perform with Ronley Teper and the Lipliners. Wednesday May 27 will be no exception when we play everyone’s favourite live music club; The Dakota (Ossington and Dundas) We are playing two sets and if that wasn’t enough our pal, Jaron Freeman-Fox will go on after us with his band The Opposite of Everything.
This just gets better and better because if you are tied up until June you can hear our new trio; So Long Seven at the Tranzac on Wednesday June 3. So Long Seven features Ravi Naimpally on tabla, Neil Hendry on acoustic guitar and myself on the five-string banjo. This will be a fun double-bill with another trio so new that they are “nameless” so far. This trio features Matt Fong on electric guitar, Chris Pruden on analog synth (that has a special name that I forget) and Lorenzo Castelli on drums. These guys are loud, weird and fun…kind of the opposite of So Long Seven (except for the fun part!)
Wednesday June 3, The Tranzac, 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto  
10pm, So Long Seven
11pm, Castelli, Pruden and Fong (maybe you can come and name them!)
If you are still reading (thanks) you may be interested to know that So Long Seven (formerly The Oolong 7) is going into the studio a week after this show to make our first record.  Watch for this to come out sometime when there is NHL hockey on tv (fortunately that is most months of the year) and note that Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar will be in our first video.  –t.p.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sue Deacon Cup (Hockey Fights Cancer!)

It is a beautiful spring day and I should really be thinking about playing banjo on the porch. However, my mind is occupied by something that I think is much more urgent. Almost two years ago one of the skaters I met at my women's hockey school the Joy of Hockey died of Ovarian cancer.

Sue Deacon was a special person and I feel lucky to have known her even if just for a short period near the end of her life. She had the hockey spirit. I had to kick her off the ice almost every week so the zamboni could come on and do it's work. Sue was always interested in feedback on her skills and wanted always be at her best.

Next weekend I am playing on a team called the Selects in the second annual Sue Deacon Cup to help keep Sue's spirit alive. Last year we raised $100,00 and I am hoping to help in raising more this year.

One of the things I like about this initiative (besides the fact that we have set up two fun days of hockey) is that we are fundraising as a team.

Hockey is a team sport and no team can win with just one allstar player (look at this year's Penguins) and cancer can't be beat without a team effort that includes you.

Because we are fundraising as a team I have a modest goal of raising $250 so small pledges help too. I am currently at 45% of my goal and hope you can help support our team in working together to help find a cure for Ovarian Cancer.

Thanks for reading my blog. Thanks for your support.


Monday, March 30, 2015

45s, Vinyl and more!

As I head towards 1300 blog posts, dating back to a time when no one really knew what a blog was; I am feeling nostalgic towards the old "Canadian Jazz Life blog".

As I often do I apologize to the old digital box of personal stories for being so absent. Social media really has taken its toll on my blogging. The good news for my readers out there (Dad?) is that I am trying to spend less time on the old Facebook and that could lead to some more time and creativity put towards this space.

I suppose I am at an all time low of digital-togetherness (or lack there of). For example, the Guildwood Records website (my main website for my musical activity) has been offline for months now. I think it is just a simple phone call away to get them to put it back up. It may even be a mistake on their part but I am not rushing to get that done.

A website has a different context now than when I started mine. (also early in the days of digital going-ons) I would like to rethink the idea of a website. This would include re-thinking the idea of my record company and even the idea of myself for that matter. Questions would arise such as; why haven't I made a record in over five years?  How much of my life is focused on hockey these days? What is the name of my newest project with Ravi Naimpally and Neil Hendry? (better hurry up and figure that out as me are making our first record in June.

Digital smigital...I really just want to listen to records anyways when I am not playing music or hockey. Vinyl is so great and I feel lucky to say that I have never stopped listening to vinyl since I was a pre-teen. If you are a regular reader you probably know that we have three functioning turntables in our house right now. (As I type I am listening to a great recent find of Jelly Roll Morton's band on vinyl)

Some of the more recent things I picked up include Dillard/Hartford/Dillard. I had been looking for that one for a while and finally found it for a good price. (I have trouble paying more than $15 for a record) I still think back to the old $6.99 price tag at the Burlington Mall.

Also on my list of recent aquisitions are Commonwealth by Sloan. (as good as my fave Wings records!), Le Sitar De Nikhil Banerjee (a gift from Ravi that features his tabla teacher Anindo Chartejee) and Same Trane Different Time. This is Merle Haggard singing Jimmie Rodgers songs. So simple. So good.

All this vinyl talk makes me want to give a shout out to my pal Dave Bidini's cool blog One45everyday.com. Dave always combines his love of music and sports for some entertaining writing and this blog includes some great special guest writers too.

Oh it feels good to be back here. I just need to ask my kid to borrow his computer more often and we can keep this relationship on the stove. Until next time. -tp

p.s. Some of the most exciting news this week is that the Cluttertones debut recording (recently released on Healing Power Records) is coming out soon on vinyl. This will be the first vinyl release I have been part of (unless Graeme Kirkland released Compositional Collage on vinyl. Anyone?)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

To Web or not to Web

I am contemplating my future on the web. Ironic as I often try to stay away from screens on Sundays. (just a random day of the week I have chosen to take a break)

My website is temporarily down and I just paid to renew another year of whatever it is they offer me there at my server. (it should be back up by monday)

Do I really need a website? With Facebook, twitter, soundcloud, youtube and all the places you can learn about, listen to or contact me, what am I really achieveing?

I suppose I could catch up with this decade and have more links to buying my music online as a download. However, I know that you first need to drive traffic to your site and THEN there has to be interest in the music before anyone is buying it.

I do think I should modify my site to let people know I am available for doing banjo studio sessions online ie. sending tracks by email.  This has been a fun and rewarding way to make some money playing music in the last couple of years.  I also play guitar (my main instrument) and mandolin and a bit of fiddle.

Of course I will come over to your home studio to do these sessions if you prefer, but I don't think we need my website to make that happen. Do we? Some of my fave artists either don't have websites or have very expired and outdated ones like mine.

I know one thing for sure; If I update my website I am going to learn how to do it on my own this time. I have been threatening to do that for so long I have to get on it.

So....stay tuned at www.guildwoodrecords.com big exciting changes coming. (or not)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jazz guitar festival!

I thought I would do a quick blog to tell you about some of the "guitar action" you should catch at this years festival. (Yes, I include my gig on this short list!)

Tonight at 9pm at The Steady on Bloor  you can hear /six-plus-four. This is a duo gig of guitarist James Brown and bassist Mike Milligan. Both these guys are among the best in the city at what they do. A guitar duo is a great place to hear some attention to detail. James spent a lot of time playing classical guitar and this is one of the things that makes his style unique.

I will be playing at the same bar (The Steady!) on Wednesday June 25 at 9pm. Unfortunately our special guest Emilyn Stam is not able to join us. I am however really into playing with these guys as a trio. I have been playing music with bassist Rob Clutton for more than 25 years now and Anthony and I have played together almost as long.

Our music on this night will be mostly things I have written. It is a nice opportunity to play some old and new compositions. You should note however that I will be playing a lot of 5-string banjo too so if you have an allergy; beware! S

Hopefully you already know that Kevin Eubanks is in town for this years festival with Dave Holland. Kevin was an early influence for me and a teacher of mine at the Banff School of the arts. You may remember him from his years as musical host on the Jay Leno show. I am glad that time is over as I hope he has a long life and lots more great music to make in concert and on record.

The Dave Holland show is Thursday June 26 at 8pm.

I always enjoy any excuse to go to the Horseshoe. Tuesday June 24 at 10pm you can hear Julian Lage and Nels Kline on the same bill. Besides being a member of Wilco Nels has made all kinds of electric creative modern jazz over the years. I first heard of him through my friend Ron Gaskin who brought him to town way back. (This city needs more Ron Gaskin shows!!)

Julian Lage I know less about but whenever I see him on youtube I am impressed. He strikes me as versatile and has one foot in the roots/gypsy jazz scen and another one...oh forget it. ha!

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Here is my May newsletter:

Hi folks, hope this note finds you happy and healthy. I have some upcoming shows I wanted to let you know about.

If you can only go out once I hope you can come to this show; a rare opportunity to hear me playing my original music.  I will be playing banjo and guitar with old pals Rob Clutton (bass) and Anthony Michelli (drums)

2014 Toronto Jazz Festival
Posgate/Clutton/Michelli (and a surprise special guest!)
June 25, 9-11pm
The Steady Café and Bar, 1051 Bloor St. W. (just west of Dovercourt)
This weekend (Saturday night) I am performing with Friendly Rich, doing the entire Farewell to Kings Album at the Open Ears festival in Waterloo. (on Banjo!!)

Also this weekend (Sunday) performing in front of the Tranzac as part of the Bloor St. Festival with Ronley Teper’s Lipliners.  4pm, one set only.

Monday June 16 at the Rex Jazzbar 930pm
Jazz Hockey Fundraiser for Mayor Candidate Richard Underhill!
I have been playing hockey with these guys for 25 years and we are finally coming together to make some music. A stellar cast of jazz hockey dudes including Mike Murley, Rich Underhill, Kevin Turcotte and many more.

Friday June 20, Hughs Room, IN CASH WE TRUST (Johnny Cash Tribute)
featuring: Paul Reddick
Brian Litvin & Jabulani
Jon Brooks
Gathering Sparks
JD Edwards
Tim Posgate & Andrew Downing
Kristen Bussandri
The Rucksack Willies
with your host Michael Wrycraft

June 21 in Hamilton Ontario (I was born there!)
The Something Else! Festival of Creative Music
Ronley Teper’s Lipliners with Mary Margaret O’Hara


Thursday, May 22, 2014

People have been asking me of late where they can find out when I am performing.

It is true that with the invention of Facebook I have been much less of a blogger. My website is so old I should just take it down. I think Facebook is probably the best place to find out however I do usually post my monthly (didnèt do one this month) email newsletter here.

I guess I am doing less these days of my own music so I have less promo stuff going on. There are still lots of gigs. ie. Always keeping busy with something .

I am playing the banjo at the Emett Ray Tonight with a fun Country singer named Shannon Hoff. She is also a philosopher and is very shy on stage but a good singer and a really fun person. It is a great band too; Nick Fraser, Chris Banks and Don Scott. (and me)

Please drop me a note if you want to be facebook friends, as I rarely say yes to strangers or send me your email address and I will add you to that list. At twitter I am @tposgate

See you soon.


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